"Katie Witt is a proud Republican, a proven conservative leader, and a hard worker. I have no doubt she will make a great mayor."

Governor Mitt Romney 

Katie Witt for mayor

Better Prepared

Leader in Action

  • Four years as a council member in a community of 90,000

  • Service on local, regional, and national boards and committees

  • State Political Director, Mitt Romney for President (2008)

  • Provider of Kaysville Condensed, public service videos

  • Political Science from University of Colorado, Boulder

  • Current President of the Kaysville Rotary Club


Better Communication

Keeping Connected

  • Kaysville Condensed PSA’s will continue

  • Increased availability for informal discussions

  • More opportunities to give feedback through advisory panels, open houses, and community surveys.

Better Process

Helping things go Right

  • Getting council back to work – revamp council meeting structure to be more effective, professional, and consistent

  • Preparing a roadmap to the future we want – guide the community in a strategic planning process in order to strengthen and protect Kaysville’s unique character

  • Planning for success – long range plans to give fiscal stability and certainty, based on our strategic planning goals